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Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis 2017

Amitbhai Anilchandra “Amit shah” is the current president of Bharitiya Janta Party, born on 22 October 1964. Horoscope Analysis on Amitbhai’s  chart.

  • Starting with his first house which consists of Ketu in Sagittarius. Honestly speaking he would have been a very naughty child. Very head strong and strong willed. Dominant in relationship. Ketu is exalted. But ketu in lagna makes a person very introvert and does not want his life to be discussed much. No publicity of his siblings, children or wife. Nor he discloses his strategies. He will be successful in those things in which he has  not talked much on. He doesn’t like publicity but results, outcomes. He lays stress on final outcome.
  • Second house doesn’t contain any planet but its lord Saturn in third house , second form second house,  which is good for prosperity in term of wealth and income. Born with a silver spoon. But  a very straight person in his talks. He would not display his feeling in public. Good communicator , either talk honestly or not talk on that topic. Slow learner in  childhood but as his age increases he would be become a good orator. Communicate to such an extent that people will think that he is talking to them. People will feel connected.
  • Third house contains Saturn in Aquarius which is not good for younger siblings, but he is blessed by his six elder sisters who play a very big role in shaping his future. His sisters will always support him, no matter what happens, because Saturn is in the house of siblings. He will inherit a lot of properties and especially interested in farming, and will own agricultural land. Saturn in third is good for the person as it will bring a lot of prosperity to his sisters and his house. Saturn in third will lead to serious and sincere communication with the people around him and people of India. So everybody has to take him serious. He is here for serious business.
  • Fourth house doesn’t have any planet but its lord is situated in sixth. Loves to have harmonious environment at home. A homely person.
  • Fifth house has moon in aries.  Amit shah children will be his pride . He didn’t have more children because lord of fifth house mars in eighth house .Mars is delibated in eight house. But its neechatav is cancelled by venus in ninth house. So mars the lord of fifth house is attaining uchatav.
  • Sixth house has Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter in sixth house makes a person teetoteller an vegetarian.
  • Seventh house contain rahu in Gemini. Rahu in seventh  house does not give a very good relationship in marriage. Rahu in seventh makes a person dominates his married life.
  • Eight house contains delibated mars  but its delibation in cancelled , thus providing good results as the age increases . Involved in spiritualism, astrology and occult sciences. Worshipper of shiv.
  • Ninth house contains venus in leo.  Venus plays a very important role is his life . lord of ninth exchanges with lord of eleventh house. This exchange makes him popular with masses no matter how disciplinarian or strict president is he. Wait and watch his move every move will make him more popular and the more enemies he has the more he will be victorious. He is wearing diamond because venus is in luck house.
  • Tenth house contain no planet but its lord is situated in gains house that is the eleventh house. Mercury the lord of tenth house is situated in eleventh house which makes him a good bargainer. He bargains on seats and other party strategies. He bargain like a shrewd businessman.
  • Eleventh house contains sun and mercury and mercury being yogakaraka for his chart. Sun is delibated in libra. Sun makes him a hard task master. Mercury is the most beneficial planet and this is the  reason he is wearing an emerald in small finger.
  • Twelfth house is empty and lord of twelfth in eighth house, which is mars.interest in occult science.
  • Prominent points in his horoscope , is that he won’t tolerate lazy people . he want his workers to give their 101 percent. He would reward only those people in his party who are hardworking and connected to masses. He keeps his personal and professional life apart. A good orator and a hard task master.

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