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Chief Ministerial Candidate of UP 2017

Manoj Sinha: He is the current telecom minister, born on 1-July-1959, is candidate from Ghazipur constituency of UP. He might not be interested in becoming the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh , but if Shah and Modi wants him to take care of UP, then he cannot brush away from this responsibility.

Maurya also has chances of becoming the cheif minister of uttar pradesh.
Rajnath Singh: current home minister of India , born on 10-july 1951. A very good communicator, since in his horoscope 3rd house (communication house) exchanges its lord with 10th house(rajya house or job house). This shows that his popularity among the masses will increase with every passing day. Rahu mahadasha and ketu antardasha will benefit him. Ball in his court, he will be offered chief minister of up chair , but upto him . he will take it or not.
Uma Bharti: Uma bharti current minister of water resource ,river development and Ganga rejuvenation. Government of India. Born on 3 May 1959, having sun in aries in the 10 house. Sun is exalted in 10th house . she is also a strong candidate of chief ministerial candidate of Uttar Pradesh. Running through Venus Mahadasha and mars antardasha , if amit shah and rajnath singh refuses to accept the chief minister chair of up , then there are chances that she can be benefitted. Get Happy New Year 2018 Pictures and 26 January Anchoring Script.

Kalraj Mishra: Union cabinet minister , Micro ,small and medium enterprises. Born on 1 –july-1941, Saturn transiting in 7th house and Jupiter transiting his 5th house form 20th September 2017 . rahu entering cancer rashi around august 20, 2017. Jupiter transit and Saturn transit will bring close to the people of uttar padesh. So watch out for him also.
Yogi Adityanath: Large mass support a young and aggressive leader, born on 2-06-1972. He is presently under the influence of Mercury mahadasha and Saturn antardasha. He is surely, coming to power from feb 2017. He will if not be elected as the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, then Amit shah and PM Modi will definitely give him some portfolio at the center, or endow him with important responsibility. His horoscope chart shows that his 10th lord exchanges position with 11th lord. This is a prominent rajyoga. Wait and watch out for him.
Amit Shah: If there are confusion or chaos in party , then Amit Shah will be the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. He and Rajnath have equal chances of becoming chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.

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