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Effect Of Debilitated Mercury In Horoscope

Effect Of Debilitated Mercury In Horoscope:- Mercury when in Pisces then it is said to be debilitated. Mercury represents communication, intelligence, business ideas, intellectual thinking, grasping power, analytical and logical mind, speech analysis , speaking ability and much much more. It is debilitated in 15 degrees in the sign of Pisces. When we are considering our family, mercury represents sister or daughter. If mercury is weak or debilitated in the horoscope , it attacks the nervous system of the person. It can cause weak will power. It can lead to speech problem , person can stammer while pronouncing a specific set of words or loss in vision of right eye, when debilitated mercury is placed in second house and its neechatav is not cancelled. Loss of vision can occur due to drying of nerves providing nutrition to the eye or due to accident /mishap/negligence.

Effect By Debilitated Mercury In Horoscope

Friends if Debilitated mercury is in the 12th house and debilitation is not cancelled then it can affect the vision of the left eye. Left eye can be damaged due to some accident or deficiency. If the debilitation of mercury is cancelled due to the placement of its lord then after initial starting problems it will give you good results. Effects of debilitated mercury can cause loss in business sense , native is not able to judge people correctly. These people might be having skin problems of some sort. Such people should not enter into business related to publication, writing books or articles. They might get into battle of piracy . They should avoid trading in green pulses , clothes etc.

Effect Of Debilitated Mercury In Horoscope

Debilitated Mercury Effects In Horoscope

Remedies for debilitated mercury in horoscope:- These people should donate whole green pulses on Wednesday to the needy. Donate green colored clothes to the poor. Donate green grass to cattle. Friends we are here because we want to tell all the Effect Of Debilitated Mercury In Horoscope and if you have any questions. Then you can comment here then our Astrologer solve your all problems.

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