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Effect Of Debilitated Saturn In Horoscope

Effect Of Debilitated Saturn In Horoscope:- Saturn is debilitated in the sign of arise. Sun own two sign Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is the planet which gives you results according to your past and present karmas. People say that we don’t have debilitated Saturn in their chart then also they have to suffer in the mahadasha and antardasha of Saturn due to the past karmas they have done consciously or unconsciously. Those who have malefic Saturn have to bear the brunt of past and present sins. All you have to do is to suffer patiently what God has in store for you. Never stop your daily prayers , have perseverance to tackle those problem. Weak Saturn punishes the person to a large extend. The person having debilitated Saturn suffer from , anxiety, depression, confusion, and dependency on others and hey are not decisive.

Effect Of Debilitated Saturn In Horoscope

Anybody who has weak Saturn should take care of these few things. Do not harm the feeling of others, because more you give problem to others, the more and more problems will be created to you in your life.
Saturn is the planet of justice so it provides you justice according to your past and present karma. Many people are there who are born and brought up in a very sincere manner, they do not harm anybody in their present life but have to face the ill effects of past karmas. Saturn is a planet of restrictions and limitations. Time plays a very important role in the life of person having weak Saturn.

Effect Of Debilated Saturn In Horoscope

Effect Of Debilitated Saturn In Horoscope

Such people should not carry a lazy attitude towards their work, nor delay any work unnecessarily. These people should be punctual and hardworking. People having debilitated Saturn put forward a grim and serious face. Saturn is a tamshik and slow planet. Saturn is a planet which makes us work hard . It is a hard task master .It doesn’t let us sleep . Saturn teaches us lessons of life , about being practical. Those who are going through mahadasha of weak or debilitated Saturn in their horoscope have to withstand the test of time.

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