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Effect of Transit of Guru in Libra for 2017 & Transit of Rahu/Ketu 2017 for Cancer and Capricorn respectively.

Effect of Transit of Guru in Libra for 2017:- Rahu will cause problems in family life , unnecessary tensions will crop up . Ketu in 10th house will cause stress at workplace. Guru’s transit in the 7th house will give cordial relations with spouse.
Taurus :- Will buy property but will not be very lucky in promotions this year. Will have mild ailments through the coming year.
Gemini:-Will have disputes in family with relatives. Property disputes with paternal sides. Those couples who are thinking for issues will have to wait for one more year. Gemini children will flair good in their studies.

Transit of Rahu/Ketu 2017 for Cancer

Cancer:- Will have quarrels with spouse due to difference of opinion. Spouse may suffer some health problems. Guru transits in fourth house will make the spend more time with his family . The children with bring laurels and the person can renovate his house or buy new vehicle.
Leo:- Sibling of the person will bring benefits for the candidate. There might be a marriage or childbirth in his brother or sister. Rahu in 12th house the person can go to a foreign trip or journey to a far off place. Will be victorious over your existing disease or will be benefitted through your enemies.
Virgo:- Good results for those who are in communication/teaching, journalist etc. Tensions on home front . Those women who are going to have delivery , some of them could have a cesarean or complications during pregnancy. Backbiting at workplace.

Transit of Rahu/Ketu 2017 for Cancer and Capricorn respectively

Libra:- Guru transiting in Libra will enhance persons luck. He will think of acquiring land or house. Ra/Ketu poses problems in both home-front & workplace.
Scorpio:-Expenses will be more than income. Spend on charity. Go to a foreign county for a short period of time.
Sagittarius:- guru transiting in the 11th house . Saturn transiting in 1st house and Ketu in 2nd house and rahu in 8th house. Guru can bring in money after September, 2017. Unnecessary tensions due to Saturn transiting in first house.
Capricorn:-Guru in 10th house, cordial relations with colleagues in office. Ketu in 1st and rahu in 7th house will cause differences in married couples.
Aquarius :- Rahu in the 6th house will get rid of your enemies . Make money through easy means. Guru transit in the 9th house will enhance your luck.
Pisces:- these people have to look at their children studies. The person should devote some time to God.

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