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Fate Line Reveals a lot about your Wealth and Status

Fate line /Saturn Line /Destiny line all means the same. It rises from the area above your wrist to the middle finger.
1. If the fate line starts from life line means that his life is surrounded by your near and dear ones. They are supported a lot by their family members.
2. If the fate line starts from the mount of moon means person is a emotional and sentimental person and loses focus easily.
3. If the fate line starts from plain of mars it means that as the age progresses the persons fate line starts developing and first he was not a known personality but due to hard work and talent he becomes famous. It shows that the person is hard working.
4. If the fate line starts from the head line then the person will get success or recognition after the age of 35.

5. Double fate line running parallel signifies that during the age period when the fate line is running parallel he will suddenly inherit money from someone or he will earn through different sources apart from his job. Read more Republic Day Essay Lines and Happy New Year 2018 Profile Pics.

6. Double fate line also suggests that he/she has double source of money, during the period the fate line is running parallel. One can be a nine to five job, another could be earning through his side business.
7. Triple fate line suggests that he will be financially supported by his or her parents, spouse and friends. They will be providing him/her various benefits and riches.
8. Double fate line running close to the fate line suggests that a close family aide will support you financially, may be mother, father or very near blood relation.
9. Double fate does not suggests that the person is benefited by extramarital affairs , but it signifies that he will be supported financially through his near or dear ones , or tells us that he might be running two successful business, or freelancing apart from his job, or earning through his talent.
10. Some fate line are developed earlier in life(6-14years). Some even don’t have a proper fate line during their mid twenties; a few develop fate line after 35. If a person is not having a proper fate line or the line is broken, does not suggest that person is not working hard , but suggests that he luck is not favoring him /her during that period of time, he/she is not getting recognition for their work, or they are struggling with their careers.
11. If left hand of the male has a prominent /dark fate line and proper formed line on the Apollo/sun mount, it suggests that the person’s wife will be in government job and bring various benefits and riches to a person’s life. The person will prosperous after marriage or you can say that lady luck is smiling on him.
12. If the right hand of a female has a prominent fate and sun line, it suggests that his husband will be in a good position and his husband will become more prosperous after marriage.
13. If a person has an island on the fate line , it means that person will suffer humiliation due to extra martial affair or due to some wrongdoings.
14. If the fate line ends at head line till the age of 35 , he succeeded in whatever he did , but after 35 he did not achieved what he /she desired to achieve.

15. If the fate line ends at the heart line, it suggests that person might be in a government job and has retired or taken VRS(voluntary retirement) around the age of 55. If the person is not in job but doing business means that he is no more interested to work due to illness or his business is taken over by his children, or he is no more getting recognition for his work.

16. If the fate line reaches the Saturn mount without breaks it means that he live a successful life.

17. If a horizontal line is cutting the fate line on the mount of Saturn it suggests the person is likely to suffer from a heart attack or some sort of illness.

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