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Happy Guru Purnima Images 2018, Speech, Status In Marathi For Teacher

Happy Guru Purnima 2018 to all Teachers and Guru. Celebrate this day using Guru Purnima Images 2018 and Guru Purnima Speech in Hindi and Guru Purnima Status In Marathi For Teachers. 

Happy Guru Purnima Images 2018

Every year we celebrate different-2 festival in our country and our country is also known as the country of festival.  Guru Purnima is an Indian and Nepalese festival dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers. This festival is traditionally celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists, to pay their respects to their teachers and express their gratitude. The festival is celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) in the Hindu month of Ashadha (June–July) of the Shaka Samvat, as it is known in the Hindu calendar of India and Nepal.[1] This day marks the first peak of the lunar cycle after the peak of the solar cycle. Get these all Guru Purnima Images 2018 and wish your teacher Happy Guru Purnima.

The full moon of the Ashadh Shukla Paksha is called Guru Purnima. This festival is celebrated in honor of Maharishi Ved Vyas as the first guru. Maharishi Ved Vyas was the one who had to explain the four Vedas of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism). Astrologer Dr. This time master, according to Arvind Mishra full moon on July 8, starting at 7:32 in the morning till July 9 at 9:37 minutes. Vyasa Purnima – is considered recognition that Aashaadh moon was born Maharishi Ved Vyas.

If you like these Guru Purnima Images then share these images with your friends and suggest them. Since Guru Ved Vyas was the first person to give knowledge to the human race four Vedas, he was the first Guru of all. Therefore, this festival is celebrated in honor of his birthday. It is also called diameter full moon.

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Guru Purnima Speech In Marathi For Teacher

This festival is ideal to tell the next generation of the importance of a teacher and teacher in life. Vyas Purnima or Guru Purnima should be celebrated not on the basis of superstition, but with reverence. The blessings of the guru are welfare and knowledge-oriented for everyone, so on this day the Guru’s blessings should be received after Guru Pujan. The importance of this festival in Sikhism is more because of the ten gurus in Sikh history. Use this all and use Guru Purnima Speech In Marathi to wish your teacher. This is a best collection of Guru Purnima Speech For Teacher and i hope you will celebrate this day together. 

What to do on Guru Purnima:- 

  1. After cleaning the house, after bathing, place white clothes on a holy place in the house and make 12-12 lines on it and make diameter.
  2. After this, after reading the mantra ‘Gurupamparasiddhartha Vyasupujan Karishya’, take a pledge of worship.
  3. After that leave uninsured in the ten directions. After this, invite worship of Vyasji, Brahmaji, Venkatevji, Govind Swamiji and Shankaracharyaji, worship of Mantra.
  4. Then after worshiping his master or his photo, worship him and give him the right dakshina by offering clothes, fruits, flowers and garlands and make them happy by receiving their blessings.

Happy Guru Purnima 2017 Status In Marathi For FB

It is said that Ashad Purnima was born as Adi Guru Ved Vyas. In his honor, the full moon of the month of Ashadh is celebrated as Guru Purnima. But we should look for the hidden meaning because the full moon in the month of Ashadh does not even know. Clouds may be surrounded in the sky and it is very possible that the moon is not visible to the eye. Here we have Guru Purnima Status In Marathi For Facebook and Whatsapp.

Use these all Guru Purnima Status For FB and make your new Timeline status. Without the moon full moon! Can ever be imagined? Without the playful rays of the Moon, then what will be the meaning of full moon? If there is a mention of a full moon, then it is Sharad Purnima, then why should the full moon of Sharad be considered the best because the perfection of the Moon attracts the mind on that day. But importance is more of ahaadh purnima because it has special significance.

Happy Guru Purnima Images For Teacher

The full moon of the Ashadh Shukla Paksha is celebrated with enthusiasm in the whole country as Guru Purnima. Many scholars have been gurus in India, but Maharishi Ved Vyas was the first scholar who interpreted the four Vedas of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism).

Sikhism considers only the voice of one God and the ten Gurus to be the real truth of life. Now wish your Teacher and Guru using these Happy Guru Purnima Images For Teachers and celebrate this day with your friends.

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