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Number 1 Numerology Meaning – Birthday Number 1 Astrology

Number 1 Numerology Meaning:- Now a day’s numbers play a very important role in lives of people around the world. I am here to talk on destiny number. Destiny number is the addition of the date of birth. Suppose the date of birth is 1-2-2009, then add the numbers of date of birth (1+2+2+0+0+9=14), now (1+4=5), the destiny number comes out to be 5.
Now I would like to give you some traits regarding the destiny number from 1 to 9.

Birthday Number 1 Astrology

Positive Traits of Destiny Number One: Those who have destiny number 1 , want to lead , they think that they are intelligent than others . They are lazy in nature, why because they think that they have brains, so they can achieve everything without any hard work. People having number one are born leaders they know how to achieve their targets and make their team work. Steve job has destiny number 1 as his date of birth is Feb, 24, 1955. Male are flirt in nature and are not committed in relationships. Those who are born with number 1 are egoist in nature. They all can check here their Birthday Number 1 Numerology and Astrology. These people are religious, god fearing. They have a broad bone structure usually tall in height. They love to travel and explore new destinations. They don’t like to discuss their family life with friends or colleagues. They are lucky as compared to others at times. You are proud of your possessions, legacy and would like to show off. They are courageous, strong willed. Continue Reading Number 1 Numerology Meaning here.

Number 1 Numerology

Number 1 Astrology – Birthday Number 1 Numerology

You will never dress up in haste if you do so then people will immediately notice it , because you are known for being well dressed. People are attracted towards them. They are jack of all trades but master of none. We can say that they have knowledge regarding almost every field but deep knowledge of any particular field. These people have exceptional good communication skills. Can become good orators. Are good critics. They frequently change friend with times. They have very few intimate friends. They are intuitive and spiritual. They are their own boss. They do not harness their energy to accomplish their task. If they are able to do so then they can achieve the impossible.
Negative traits of Destiny Number 1: They can be stubborn at times. Want things done in their manner. Sometimes selfish. They want that others should follow what they are saying. They don’t love to work in a monotonous atmosphere. These people cannot be driven by others, they follow their own mind. They don’t easily disclose what is going through their minds. They should spend money economically. Mothers Day 2018 Images.

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