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Palm Reading Marriage Line, Love Line For Male Female

Palm Reading Marriage Line, Love Line For Male Female:- All readers who want to check their Palm Reading Marriage Line and Love Line For Male and Female. They all can check here their Palm Reading Love Line For Female. Marriage line tells you the current scenario of your married life, when you will probably get married , will you have a happy married life or not. Marriage line is a horizontal line placed below the base of the pinky finger /little finger and above the heart line. There are many horizontal lines in between the little finger and the heart line. But the one which is the longest and dark is the one that matters.

Others may be extramarital affair, infatuations or short affairs before marriage. Here we mention all the important points for your love life lines. Read carefully and comment for Palm Reading Marriage Line For Male related more information.

  •  If the line is straight and dark then it signifies a happy married life. The couples are loyal and true to each other.
  • If there are many horizontal lines parallel and above the straight dark horizontal line below the little finger and heart line, it signifies the person can have that many extramarital affairs.
  • If there are many horizontal lines parallel and below the straight dark horizontal line below the little finger and heart line, it signifies short affairs before marriage which could not culminate into marriage.

Palm Reading Marriage Line For Male

All friends who believe in Palm Astrology they all need to read here all bullets points about the Palm Reading Marriage Line.

  • If there are light and small horizontal lines between the little finger and the heart line, it signifies one sided affairs, these people are attracted to the opposite sex, but they don’t get a chance to say to that person that they love him. It is almost one sided affair.
  • If the longest marriage line is curved or slants towards the heart line , it shows that something is going wrong in your married life . Married couple would start fighting over petty issues. So if your marriage life starts bending toward the heart line and yet not touched the heart line then the couple can make a serious effort to make their marriage work, by going to the marriage counselor or resolve issues with the help of the mediator.
  • If your Marriage line touches the heart line it means that divorce or death of the spouse, or separation. There is nothing left in that marriage.

Palm Reading Love Line For Female

Hope you all are reading this article carefully. We update this info for all those who want to check Palm Reading Marriage Line, Love Line For Male Female.

  • If the marriage line is curved upwards towards the little/pinky finger, after the marriage the couple is enjoying a prosperous married life. They are blessed with good children, health and wealth.
  •  If the marriage line is broken it may mean separation or difference in opinion among the couple.
  • Marriage line which is forked at the start, indicates that marriage of the couple was very difficult at initial stage to happen either due to parental pressure, due to different caste or religion. After great difficulty the marriage culminates.
  •  If the marriage line is single and forked at end means that the marriage did not work after the initial years.
  •  If there is an island at the start of the marriage line then it means that the marriage was about to happen but it didn’t happen due to some unavoidable reasons. The engagement took place but the couple had a break-up before marriage.
  • If the island is at the middle or end of the marriage line it means that the problem will start during the middle of the married life or at the end of the married life.
    We will have more discussions on this topic later on. So you all visitors need to keep update with us for more details about the reading your Palm Marriage Line and Love Line. Keep watching us and share this with your buddies on social networking sites.

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